Gaby WIP

My current WIP. I need to take a break because my chest hurts because I’m coughing too much. Ugh, being sick sucks big time.

More practice doing poses and faces etc without actual references. She doesn’t look too twisted, so doing ok I think.

Gaby Montegreau is the captain of the Pearl Star. She is a character in my story. This picture is just after they land on Diam, as her wrist unit is still working and her colouring hasn’t been changed. If that means nothing to you, I’ve never bent your ear about my story. 😀 Lucky you!


2 thoughts on “Gaby WIP

  1. Looking good! My only critique (which is rather tiny) is that the perspective on her right breast looks a little odd, as if it’s a size smaller than her left one. I think that if you either shift her right breast slightly down and to the left or her left breast slightly up, then they will line up better with her shoulders. 🙂


    1. Funnily I was just looking at exactly the same thing when the notification of this comment came in. I will move her right breast down a bit tomorrow when I continue with the picture. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂


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