NaNo Day 7 – Ellie

This one was just a sketch initially, and I revisited it today to colour it. Does that mean I can use it for two of the days? Hmmm… 😀

Made with Mischief & Wacom Intuos 5.

Elisheva looking in the mirror. It goes with this excerpt:

A public bathroom, presently empty, but containing the thing that she needed at the moment: a mirror.

She looked at herself.

If Hell could drop her naked in the middle of a busy road as a joke, she wouldn’t put it past them to have given her horns or fangs or some other obvious distinction from human to make her life here harder. What stared back at her looked human enough, from what she could tell.

Her skin was neither pale nor as dark as some she’d seen – something in between, but towards the darker end. She would have to do some research to find out what sort of ethnicity she best resembled so she could work out a plausible backstory for herself.

Straight dark hair to just past her ribs and green eyes, though she noticed a flash of something as she angled her head. Did her eyes reflect light? No, there it was again. Something of Hell remained – a glint, the merest hint of brimstone.

Detail shot:



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