Once again, this is Sam’s fault.

She suggested that Ellie had some Build-A-Bears back at her place that are Aziraphale and Crowley and she cuddles them when she gets home. Haha. Oh dear. Fluff.


And a quick drabble to go with the picture…


Ellie had walked past the store quite a few times, but there was something about it today that caught her eye. She found herself staring in the window when an idea hit her.

She grinned and pushed the door open, walking into the lovely warmth inside. Several hours later she emerged, two large bags clutched in one gloved hand and a smile on her face.

It wasn’t until she was in the safety of her apartment that she took out her prizes.

The first thing that emerged was a bear with pale golden, slightly curly fur. He had bright blue eyes, a red heart-shaped nose, and a pair of fluffy white wings. Inside the circle on his tummy was an embroidered picture of a pair of wings and a halo. A perpetual smile graced his chubby little face. Ellie held him to her face and enjoyed the feel of the incredibly soft, fluffy fur.

The second bag contained another soft toy, but this one was mostly sleek black fur and shaped like a cat. He had pointy ears with yellow fur inside to match his slitted yellow eyes. His smile was more mischievous, and the yellow circle on his stomach contained an embroidered red pitchfork and devil’s tail. Ellie stroked his smooth fur with tender fingers and placed him next to the bear.

The two sat side-by-side on the kitchen bench as she admired them. Their namesakes would, hopefully, never know of their existence, but it had been so fun to make them.

Picking them both up, she hugged them to her chest, then took them through to the bedroom. They would guard her bed for her, and keep watch over her dreams.


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