Seahorse in ink

Yesterday I was at a loose end at Sylvia Park. I should never be allowed near art supplies stores unsupervised lol. 

I picked up two pots of Liquitex ink – dioxazine purple and iridescent bright silver. I then went home and tried some wet on wet techniques. 

I found that the silver was lumpy and didn’t really spread nicely – could just be a dud bottle, since it says it’s meant to not be lumpy at all. The purple spread really nicely!

So I looked at a photograph of a seahorse I’d taken, and with some artistic licence sketched an outline. Then I worked in sections, sometimes skipping from the head to the tail because the water would warp the paper slightly which would cause the ink to run in strange directions. I would do four or so small panels, and while it was drying I’d work on a different area. By the time I was done there, the first section would have dried enough to go back there and do more panels. 

I should take another photo of this now, because this was taken when a few panels were still damp and the ink actually dries lighter. But this is a pretty good pic. 

I bought some medium and a few more colours today, so expect more inky experiments!


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