Ink fish

I’m a bit behind in posting pictures. I did this fish with just blue ink and water. I was experimenting with doing panels that weren’t touching, letting them completely dry, then filling in the panels in between so I could get everything touching. 

Started with a sketch on 300gsm watercolour paper. 

Filled out the body first. I found that when I dragged ink from the top it spread down, but then when I went to drag ink along the bottom rather than blending with the gradient coming down, it pushed it back so I ended up with a tide line. So it took a bit of moving the ink around in the water to minimise the tide lines. I then added the spots once things were mostly dry. 

This shows how I picked threads of the fins and tail that weren’t touching to do first with water and ink. 

And then I filled in the rest as things dried. 

The whole process in one snapshot:

The final piece scanned in:


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