Purple and green turtle in ink

This one was a bit of an experiment. I have a ring from DragonCon that’s a mix of purple and green, and it matches my Dungeons and Dragons dice.


How anyone who is a Terry Pratchett fan also knows that the colour of magic is described as a greenish purple, and that the Discworld floats through space on the back of four elephants who in turn ride on the shell of a turtle called the Great A’Tuin.

So when it came to painting a turtle, I just HAD to try the green/purple combo!

I started with two colours, one called “Deep Violet” that turned out to be rather more pink than purple.


You can see from these photos the shimmer I put into the shell. I had already gone over the shell with a darker purple, but you can see the pink still on the body.

I then decided to mix up a combo of green and blue and went over the pink sections. The result was a deeper purple colour.


The final scan, which doesn’t show the shimmer as well as the photos do:



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