Using masking fluid: Reindeer

This was actually done on my birthday, 29th December 2016. Hence the signature still has 2016 in it, the last one signed this way.

I was looking up some tutorials for watercolour on YouTube and I came across the following two videos.

In this first one I liked the look of the gradient with the white images in the foreground, but the stamping and heat embossing just seemed way too tedious to me, and I don’t have the stuff for all that stamping and heat embossing anyway. Still, I filed away the idea, and kept watching videos.

Then I came across this video, which shows someone using a calligraphy pen with art masking fluid, and then staining over it with coffee. I immediately put the two together and thought – I can do this with masking fluid and DRAWINGS. I have a calligraphy pen that is designed to dip into ink to fill the little well that sits at the nib, and I have masking fluid (I have exclusively used this for nail art, but now I can use it for its intended purpose – art on paper!).

So, armed with my ideas, I went at it. I was so excited and enthusiastic I forgot to take progress shots, but my next blog post with the wolf has more progress photos. In the following photo I have masked out the pattern I want with the masking fluid, which dries slightly yellow as you can see at the bottom of the page where I didn’t go all the way to the edge. The outline of everything was done with the fountain pen, and then I blocked in the large areas with a paintbrush in the masking fluid.


I painted over everything with the watercolours, but you can see some bleeding in the image above which I then fixed. Once the watercolour was dry enough, I started peeling off the masking fluid.


This revealed the paper underneath… and the areas that I obviously hadn’t quite painted properly with the masking fluid. Oops. But once all the masking fluid was off, I was surprised by how nice it looked. I added in stars with a fine-tipped brush and some white acrylic. These ones I added in by hand rather than splattering on with a rough bristled brush like I did for my galaxy paintings.


In post-production (digital editing of the scanned image) I did remove the spots created by incorrect masking. I think this would make a really nice Christmas card…



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