Using masking fluid: Wolves

After New Years away, we got back in town on the 3rd, and on the 4th I picked up the paintbrush and the masking fluid again with a new idea. Wolves!

I just looked at various silhouette pictures from a Google search to get the pose and proportions right for the adult wolf, then winged the little one. This time I took more progress shots.

First I sketched out what I wanted and then masked it out with masking fluid, using a fountain pen first to do the outline then this time filling in with a flat brush to try and get better coverage.


I realised when I looked at this that I had missed a vital step – removing as much of the pencil lines as possible. Oops! So I removed all the masking fluid once it had dried and then used the mold-able eraser to lift off most of the pencil marks.


I then outlined using masking fluid and a fine tipped calligraphy pen. I think my masking fluid is thickening, and I watered it down just a tiny bit to get it to flow through the pen better.


I then blocked out the rest with the flat brush, trying to make sure I get everything inside the fine outline I’d made.


I waited until it was completely dry and wet the whole paper with clear water before applying various shades of Royal Talens Van Gogh watercolour. I just used a very large round brush.


I blotted the excess paint from the masked areas once the watercolour on the actual paper had mostly dried, as the stuff on the mask takes longer to dry. This time, as I was using the spray on technique for doing the stars, I left the masking fluid on as I put the stars on. Some of those blots turned out a bit… blottier than others. So I converted those to four-pointed light flare stars.


When the stars had dried, I carefully peeled off the masking fluid. This time there were less mistakes in the masking than with my first attempt, but there were still some.


A picture of the two images side-by-side so you can see that I went more vibrant with the wolf gradient. The colours are similar, except that I added black rather than dark blue at the top, and added in a band of purple.


In the scanned image I once again cleaned up the mistakes in the white areas, but that’s all.



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